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Most companies are considering server consolidation. While many companies aim to create a consolidation strategy that eliminates unnecessary hardware, software and applications, few are able to implement successfully.

Server consolidation makes financial sense. Distributed costs of maintenance and support are decreased across the enterprise as the site and server numbers decrease, while increasing server power. Server consolidation allows companies to implement enhanced IT infrastructures that can support expansion without increasing IT staff.

Diminishing the number of servers may be a priority-- putting your data at risk is not. Consolidation decreases issues associated with data replication and often provides for a smoother implementation of disaster recovery initiatives, which ensures your data is available as fast as you need it. Not only does it reduce cost of ownership, it simplifies administration through system standardization.

Key Drivers
  • Need for greater performance
  • Concern with physical security
  • Increased network management challenges
  • Scarcity of IT resources and performance issues
  • Problems or lag time for new technology changes
  • Concern over risk and dealing with risk and risk mitigation
  • Need to implement or concern over disaster recovery solutions
  • Increased or unmeasured total cost of ownership across the enterprise

Designed to help you in an aggressive, complete implementation or any component therein, RTS' consulting management services can help to simplify the complexity of your IT environment.

Please contact your RTS representative.

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