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To stay on top in today's business market, your company needs to achieve a state-of-business steadiness where critical business processes, work centers, systems and networks are always available to support your customers. To accomplish this, you need to examine your operations, identify critical processes and services and validate that they can provide reliable, efficient service to your customers.

RTS offers Business Continuity Solutions that enable business leaders to make informed decisions about their business continuity programs, strategies and investments.

Whether you run a global company, a financial institution or a highly-regulated enterprise, RTS analyzes, designs and implements a business continuity program that helps ensure operational readiness and recovery capabilities necessary to keep your business always up and running.

Business continuity assessments provide an objective appraisal of your business environment.

Below are some customer benefits and competitive advantages:

Production Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Identify critical processes and quantify their impact to business
  • Evaluate the financial and operational impact of a business disruption to the company
  • Identify which business processes require the highest level of protection
Consequence Assessment
  • Provide a systematic, end-to-end risk analysis of business processes and infrastructure components within the client's enterprise
  • Evaluate risks associated with individual processes and infrastructure components (networks, platforms, data, applications and work centers)
  • Facilitate the development of a strategy to prevent or mitigate business risks
  • Evaluate physical buildings, e.g., power, HVAC
  • Evaluate business continuity standards
  • Identify single points of failure

With RTS' Business Continuity Solutions, your business can better focus on maintaining and improving customer relationships knowing that your enterprise is fully prepared in the event of disruption or disaster. Some call that peace of mind; we call it smart because, in today's business environment, disruption is not an option.

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