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At RTS, we strive to be a services technology company that can be trusted to meet customer expectation, deliver value, do it once, do it right and drive growth for our customer business in a market that is currently very dynamic:

  • Philosophy & Ethical Values - Ensure fair and equitable treatment for everyone. Compete fairly and with integrity. Provide complete and accurate information. Provide leadership and demonstrate our values. We aim to achieve our objective while recognizing and fulfilling our responsibilities to all those involved with our business. We want to be known as a company that:
    • Takes pride in performing well
    • Continually seeks better ways of doing business
    • Represents the highest standards of trust and integrity

  • Responsive - Demonstrate respect for people and ideas. Do not discriminate, identify customers' expectations. Deliver on commitments in a timely manner. Encourage employee participation at work and in the community.
    • Training and development
    • Provide rewards and recognition
    • Encompass open two-way communication as well as respect for our people as individuals and safe and healthy working conditions
    • A company with a deserved reputation for innovation and ethical behavior

  • Profitable & Investors - Encourage personal initiative and opportunity. Provide cost-effective, technologically superior products and services. Produce a reasonable return on equity. Make contributions that strengthen the high tech community.
    • Long-term profitable growth
    • Secure return of their investment
    • Sufficient information to assess our performance effectively and a company with a deserved reputation for innovation and ethical behavior

  • Community - With compliance with our legal responsibilities, make contributions that strengthen the local and state community.
    • Support for community work by employees
    • Cooperation with local and national governments in efficient use of resources and care for the environment
  • Business Partners - These include alliance, business partners, suppliers and industry professionals, establish mutually beneficial business relationships that foster integrity and ethical behavior.

Through ethical, responsive and profitable actions, RTS will provide a challenging and rewarding work environment for our employees, excellent service for our customers, enhanced value for our investors and a spirit of shared responsibility with our community.

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